Visit from Mom & Dad

My parents were in Fort Myers this week! Dad had business at the Sanibel Harbor Resort & Spa...so I got to visit with both of them a lot. It was nice to see them and spend some time with them both.

Tuesday night I invited them over for dinner and made some chicken tetrazzini for them. At least they got one good home-cooked meal this week! :)

On Wednesday, Mom & I did some shopping and found an *awesome* restaurant at the Edison Mall called the Elephant Bar. Very unique and VERY good food!
Thursday night we were invited to a dinner cruise with FLIR...had yummy food and enjoyed the sunset from the boat. They also had lots of their thermal imaging cameras on board so everyone could see their capabilities. They even had a guy go swim in the water to prove that the cameras are sweeeet. We also had lots of fun looking at ourselves through the cameras. I wish I could have taken a picture, but lets just say that it was obvious i had NO body heat to make me show up on the camera. Only in a few places like my elbows and armpits were lit up. lol. good times.

This morning before they left to head home, we went to eat at Dennys. Might I just say...I was all excited because this is no regular Denny's (or so i thought). It looks like a 50s diner, and since the first time I saw it I said "I never thought I'd say this...but I really want to eat at Denny's!!" Unfortunately, the experience was nothing special. Slow service, cold grits, the works. Oh well. At least the place looked cute.

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