The first 6 months of Marriage...

...have been AMAZING! Blessed beyond measure is all I can say to describe this experience.

It's hard to believe 6 months has already passed...but we celebrated in style on February 15th! I was off work (thank you for Bank Holidays!) so I had all day to prepare something special for my sweetheart while he was at work.

I cleaned the house, did some grocery shopping and designed a 4-course meal for dinner. It was a challenge because I tried to pick foods I could prepare ahead of time so I wouldnt be standing at the stove cooking while he was eating appetizers. So...here's the final product! It was a big hit and Gabe was so impressed with all the work I put into making the evening special! :)

First...I got all dolled up to make the evening extra special. I knew Gabe would be coming home from work in his shirt and tie so I figured I ought to fit the part as his date. :)

Next...the table settings! I used the roses Gabe bought me for Vday (and some candlelight of course...we just left the bright lights on for the pictures!). I also pulled out our goooorgeous toasting flutes from our wedding to use for our drinks. (and just to look at them again because I LOVE them!!) This is as fancy as it gets at the Bedenbaugh house, folks!

First Course--Appetizers: Shrimp Cocktails! The perfect way to start a meal!

Second course--Salads: Caesar Salad. Always a favorite at our house.

Third Course--Entrees: Mahi Mahi (Maui Style) with Asparagus (served with balsamic butter sauce) and Garlic Mashed Potatoes. My secret to saving time here: marinate the fish in the fridge early, then bake in the oven to avoid standing over the stove. I also used *shhhh* BOXED mashed potatoes. Thank you, Betty Crocker. I thought they were delicious!! And wow...so much easier than homemade potatoes. You've gotta try this at least once just to watch the instant transformation of powder, water and milk to *BAM!* steamy garlic mashed potatoes. Incredible.

Fourth Course--Dessert: Mini Cheesecakes! This was easily the best part of dinner. My sister bought me these cute red ramekins I've been dying to use but not sure how to use them. After some research and combining a few recipes...I ended up with these yummmmmy little cheesecakes. The crust is cinnamon graham crackers and the whole thing was just to die for. Definitely making these again!

That was the end of the [very filling] meal. Success!! There's nothing like a happy [and full] husband! The stomach is definitely the way to his heart, ladies! :)


Celebrating LOVE.

Today at church, Pastor Matt spoke about LOVE. Following a comical karaoke version of "What's love got to do with it?" he shared a really great message about how Christ loved us...and we in turn should love others as we love ourselves. That's quite a commandment. Definitely challenged me to not only serve others and be kind...but to seek out what it means to really love others like I love myself. Because of the great love Christ showed us by dying in our place...that same love ought to flow out of our lives to everyone we meet. Not just the people we like, or the people that are "easy" to love...everyone.

He also shared an awesome story that brought a smile to my face. A pastor in Atlanta challenged his congregation to show love to everyone...even as a "random act of kindness" for a stranger. Later that week the pastor walked into a Starbucks and the barista stopped him and asked if he was the pastor of this particular church. She told him that earlier that morning, someone had come through the drive thru, paid for the person's coffee in the car behind them, and left this little card with the church information with the barista. When the person in the next car was told that their coffee had been paid for by the previous customer...that person paid for the coffee for the car behind them! The love started by one man continued through THIRTY cars of people who were selfless enough to do something kind for a stranger.

What an awesome reminder that there is still good in the world. There's still hope, and we can still make a difference. It starts with one. Will you be that one?

As for celebrating this "national day of Love"...my sweet husband blew my mind yet again. On Friday, Gabe got off work early and showed up at the bank where I was working in a tshirt that says "I love my wife" with a dozen roses, chocolates and a card in his hands. <3

I (naturally) turned to mush. I wish I could have taken a photo--but I didnt have a camera so I took one when I got home. Isn't he adorable??

I am just one blessed bride. Gabe loves me so selflessly...I am so undeserving.
He also surprised me later with a brand new ESV Bible with my new name printed on the cover! I have been wanting one since we got married and hadn't gotten around to it...so that was super special.

What did I do for him? Well...he's not a big cards and flowers kinda guy...so I've got something special planned for tomorrow (our 6th month of marriage!!). More to come! :)

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!


January showers bring...February Flowers!

I'm pretty sure I'm the most blessed woman in the world. Gabe is seriously the most thoughtful person I know...and I'm beyond thrilled to spend the rest of my days with him. On February 15th we will have already been married for 6 months! Time sure does fly when you're having fun.

In recent news...Gabe surprised me with flowers at work last Friday on his lunch break. :) One of the ladies in the branch added some ribbons and palm fronds and turned it into a masterpeice. I LoVe seeing my flowers at my station all day. Just reminds me how much I am loved. <3

I also found out today that Gabe was tied for 2nd in the NATION in student enrollments last week!! I'm SO proud of him. That's not half bad for a month into a new job! That's my husband.