The first day of the rest of our lives: Getting Ready--the Girls!

The morning of August 15th seemed like any other day. As I got up and got ready (and dragged my sister out of bed--as she lovingly noted in her toast later on) it was hard to believe it was my wedding day. Definitely surreal.

It was a super busy morning as we got everything together, loaded 2 cars full of dresses and clothes and STUFF and headed downtown. We stopped by the reception site to see how everything was looking. While it wasn't quite together yet...we did what we could and headed to the church to GET READY for the big day!

Some of my beautiful bridesmaids lost in a sea of hairspray, powder, mascara and
everything in between...

My turn for hair and makeup! It was SO much fun getting to be a PRINCESS for a day! :)
Thanks to Linda Justavino with Expressions Salon for an incredible job on my hair! Not that I expected anything less.

Makeup by the one and only Katie Ecord. :)

I've heard brides say "I was so busy I forgot to eat on my wedding day!" Well...lets just say that was NOT the case with me! When I was tied up I even had a little assistance with my food intake. See below: Sara feeding me grapes. We couldn't find any palm fronds for her to fan me with though. ;)

And I love this one of me and my sister. Must be a crazy feeling to watch your "little sister" get married...but she was so supportive and an amazing MOH!

Then there was the dress. I took my final "normal" breath and sucked in for the next 8 hours. Thank you corset. My mom and sister took revenge on me for any way I've ever wronged them. Just kidding :P
It was definitely not lacking in the tightness department...but I have officially suffered for fashion!

And you can't forget the garter! ;)

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