Jobless no more!

Praise the Lord...I got a job!! :)
While the first month of marriage has been wonderful and I appreciated the free time to get the house set up and get used to the area...I was definitely ready to start working, making money and meeting new people.
I got the job offer last Thursday and started on Monday, September 28 as a "Client Services Specialist" with Florida Gulf Bank. Thats the fancy name for a teller. But no ordinary teller at that. I'm actually a "floating" teller, which means I will rotate around to all of the branches whenever I am needed. I am based out of the main office (where all the execs are!) but will be working in the other 7 branches as well. It will be really neat because I'll be able to network with everyone who works for the bank, not just be limited to one branch.
I just finished my first full week of training and am LOVING it. Its new, its challenging, and the people are fantastic. God has really blessed me with this one. I thought work couldn't get better than my last job at The Energy Authority, but I think this one might top it. Being a local bank, everyone (including the clients) at FGB are like family...so that makes work a lot of fun.
On top of that...I only work Monday - Friday (no Saturdays!) and get bank holidays too! yay!
Anyway...that's my update. Now we just gotta find a job for Gabe that will get him off work before 9 PM. This is killin me!

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