The Joy of Marriage...

I just read this on a newsletter today from Richard Marks' newsletter: Marriage For Life. It paints such a beautiful picture of marriage...I have to share! I've never been the most eloquent author, so it can be very difficult to put love into words, but this guy does a great job.

I pray this words are always true in my life.

The Joy of Marriage by Rabbi Sidney Greenberg

"The joy of marriage is, to begin with, the joy of not being alone. It is the joy of companionship and intimacy and having a person and place to come to. It is the joy of structure and order, of comfort, security and stability. It is the joy of having someone to help with the burdens and drudgery of daily life. It is the joy of making a home and creating a family. It is the joy of being a parent and raising children.

It is the joy of defining your relationship with respect to others and society at large. It is the joy of loving someone so much that you want to celebrate that love and commitment publicly. It is the joy of taking a risk, making a leap of faith, going all the way. It is the joy of believing in someone and something above and beyond yourself. It is the joy of building something lasting and substantial.

It is the joy of having a best friend who is also your lover, and a lover who is also your best friend. It is the joy of sleeping with someone who warms your heart as well as your bed. It is the joy of making love without awkwardness, self-consciousness or shame. It is the joy of developing a private vocabulary and doing some of your best talking without words.

It is the joy of having someone real to hold when you wake up sweating during a dark night of the soul. It is the joy of having someone who truly cares, someone who will stand by you when you get sick, or falter, or fail. It is the joy of having someone you believe, and who believes in you, tell you at times that you are the best, and at other times, that you can be much better.

It is the joy of outgrowing your adolescent self-absorption and getting on with life. It is the joy of being faithful and honoring a vow. It is the joy of ennobling yourself through discipline and sacrifice. It is the joy of having a common history and mutual memories and the sense of having traveled far together. It is the joy of being a separate individual and yet also part of a whole. It is the joy of fighting and making up, of going apart and coming together again. It is the joy of learning to yield and to compromise, to care and to love. And finally, it is the joy of giving..."


What I got for $1.73!

Despite the crazy amount of work that couponing can be...today was a good reminder of WHY I spend time clipping coupons.

Between trips to CVS and Target today...I spent a whopping total of $1.73! Wanna know what I got?

1 Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick ($6.99)
2 Right Guard Total Defense Antiperspirants ($2.99 each)
2 Edge Shaving Cream ($2.79 each)
2 Tums 3 pack ($4.18)
1 Reach Dental Floss ($1.49)

I should have spent $24.22+tax...but instead I spent $1.73 AND made $12.80 in Extra Care Bucks at CVS to use towards my next purchase!

So yes...it's worth a few extra minutes of research and coupon clipping! I'm building up a nice little stockpile of beauty and personal care supplies for next to nothing!


Bon Voyage!

We are off on our cruise first thing tomorrow morning! This has been a long time coming and we can't wait to finally celebrate our anniversary in style!! The packing is done...I'm loading up my iPod with some new stuff and we're just super excited!

Here's a picture of our boat. We will think of you all as we are soaking up the Caribbean sun this week.
Bon Voyage (to us)!


Everyone loves Good News!

I hate watching the news. Really hate it. It's wayyyy too depressing and they hardly ever share any of the Good things that are happening every day. For instance...Gabe and I are leaving for a cruise in 2 days, so we decided to watch the weather channel the other day. MISTAKE. There are like a million hurricanes floating around in the Atlantic. They actually showed a clip from St. Thomas (one of our destinations) with a newscaster blowing around in the wind and rain and talking about roofs flying off and power lines being down. Talk about a big bummer.

Needless to say, we turned it off and decided that ignorance is truly bliss. They haven't cancelled our cruise so we are going...rain or shine! :)

I digress...
So I actually have some GOOD news to share...because everyone loves good news!

Gabe's job had become increasingly worse over the last few months....due to his boss not being the kindest person on the earth, constant micromanaging and sales pressure and just a lot of stuff that did not make for a happy Gabe. :( He found an opportunity to move departments within the college back in May but it has been a waiting game ever since for a position to open up and then for Gabe's position to be filled and all that jazz. We were told that September 25th would finally be THE day he could move. We were bummed to have to wait another whole month....but God had other plans (hence...the Good news!).

Last Friday, Gabe got called in by his boss and was told that would be his last day in Admissions. They decided to go ahead and move him early! Yay!!!! He has now completed a full week in his new position and he LOVES it!! Such an answer to prayer. The atmosphere is so much better, more positive and more open to suggestion and change. Gabe's schedule is much more flexible and he can be creative and get the job done at his own pace. Perfect for him. He is now a Retention Coordinator--working with students in their first six weeks to help them stay motivated and keep them coming back to school! :)

So, my friends, we are slowly becoming a normal family on a normal schedule. He works 9-6 most days, and a little later on Fridays. But still...6 PM people! This is huge for us...considering when we got married he wasn't getting home until after 10 PM. So we are truly blessed and loving life!!

Now it's off to vacation...