**I stand Amazed**

I'm not sure where to begin with this post. I fear that those of you who read this will not really understand because you might not have been around for these events...but it's all good. What you WILL understand is that God is truly good. That His plan is perfect and that He continues to use things throughout our lives that will continually blow our minds.

So...when I was in college, I joined the Sigma Phi Lambda sorority in 2005, became the Missions chair in 2006 and the President by 2008. While I was the Missions chair the Lord really opened up my eyes to a world of hurting people and showed me how I could use my personality and my gifts to be a part of huge life change. The changes I saw changed my life forever. Sometimes they weren't immediate changes...but they were lives of women who were serving others wholeheartedly. They were women who learned to LOVE missions and love the lost. They were women who got out of their comfort zone for the first time in their life and saw what it means to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

While I did see some effects of my ministry in that sorority immediately...some effects are still being manifested today. I don't mean for this to sound like "its all about me" or that God couldn't have done it without me...its just that right now I can SEE that He used ME! Little ole me was a part of his huge plan and that is SO humbling and awesome.

One of the ladies in my sorority that came on the first mission trip I ever led in 2007 to the Bronx, NY, was named Rebecca. I can't say for sure that this was her first mission trip...but I think it was pretty close to that. Anyway...she is incredible to say the least. Later in 2009 she also attended a trip with Phi Lamb to Guatemala (not led by me...but I was on the trip as well) and just began to hear the call of the Lord on her life to missions. She fell in love with Guatemala. Earlier this month Rebecca left for an 11 month mission trip called the World Race, and wouldn't you know the first country they visited? Guatemala. While that may seem trivial...I was just blown away at how God brought these circumstances together. That years ago God laid it on my heart to start a missions department for our sorority and then years later God would use a trip planned by this department to send her into full time missions. Rebecca has dropped everything for a year to minister around the world and I am SO proud of her and SO blessed to see the way the God has worked in her life and mine. You can follow Rebecca's journey here: http://rebeccaweaver.theworldrace.org/

Then just another amazing story of God's provision and work...the story that prompted this blog post. By 2008 when I was the President of the sorority, a crazy series of events led us to the decision to host a rally to bring awareness about Human Trafficking to the campus of UF. We kinda randomly decided to work alongside STALL: Stop Trafficking and Liberate Lives--a division of Philip Cameron Ministries. They build safe houses for young women (and men) in Moldova (near Romania) to help keep youth out of the dangerous trafficking future that awaits them. Long story short, Philip's son Andrew and his girlfriend Natalie (one of the young ladies rescued by STALL) came and spoke to a group of over 100 people and I just had an amazing time with this whole experience.

Along with all this is the story of Emily, one of my sorority sisters, whose life was also hugely impacted by a mission trip to Barbados in 2006. Emily was a huge part of the Missions dept in Phi Lamb and attended many of the trips led from 07-09. After college she also joined the World Race (her race started back in July) and last month the Race took her to none other than Romania/Moldova. Andrew just happened to be in Moldova at the time so I mentioned this to both Emily and Andrew via facebook and they were actually able to meet up just a week or so ago!! I was so jealous :) but Emily was able to physically GO to Stella's house and meet the girls and I just couldn't believe the series of events that led up to that.

Not only was that really cool that they were able to meet up...but this morning I was reading a post Emily wrote on her blog about an incredible encounter she just had with a Moldovan girl. I was near tears in the car as I read it and wished that I could feel that passion again...that God would show me a sign like he has shown her over and over. I felt so close to the Lord in college as I was so involved in missions, but lately I've felt more distance since I've settled into "real life" and a day-to-day routine.

I followed this pity-party by checking facebook and saw that Andrew Cameron (from STALL) posted that he is in FORT MYERS today!!!! Hello?!?! How about a sign from the Lord?!

I was completely shocked and amazed that he and his father are here, of all places in the world, to speak tonight. (And YES I'm going by the way!!) Again...all this may sound SO trivial to all of you...but to me it's just the Lord speaking Loud and Clear that I don't have to be in college surrounded by 100 women all the time and constantly organizing mission trips to feel the presence of the Lord. I can be right here...in my "real life, day-to-day routine" and He is here with me too. God  has used something so simple as an anti-trafficking organization to just rock my world today.

I guess the moral of the story is...if you aren't sure what you are doing with your life, if you don't feel like what you are doing is making an impact...you might not see it now...but HE is at work. And HE is truly good.

Me and Emily at the STALL rally in 2009


Let the GaToR GrOwL!

Tonight in TitleTown (aka Gainesville), Florida tens of thousands of people are roaming the streets and heading to Gator Growl, the largest student-led pep rally in the world!

It's hard to believe...but 5 years ago on this night...I actually got to get the party started by singing the National Anthem! It was one of the craziest, most exciting, most nerve-wrecking moments of my life. Performing in front of 60,000+ people with no real soundcheck due to rain the night before...it was definitely an awesome experience.

Thanks to the ability to post videos (however SMALL)...you can now reminisce with me tonight. Enjoy. :)

There are 2 parts because I think the "rockets red glare" scared my roommate who was video taping. But this remains as the only proof of my little claim to fame. So thanks to Sara Tolliver for some awesome videos.


The Joy of Marriage...

I just read this on a newsletter today from Richard Marks' newsletter: Marriage For Life. It paints such a beautiful picture of marriage...I have to share! I've never been the most eloquent author, so it can be very difficult to put love into words, but this guy does a great job.

I pray this words are always true in my life.

The Joy of Marriage by Rabbi Sidney Greenberg

"The joy of marriage is, to begin with, the joy of not being alone. It is the joy of companionship and intimacy and having a person and place to come to. It is the joy of structure and order, of comfort, security and stability. It is the joy of having someone to help with the burdens and drudgery of daily life. It is the joy of making a home and creating a family. It is the joy of being a parent and raising children.

It is the joy of defining your relationship with respect to others and society at large. It is the joy of loving someone so much that you want to celebrate that love and commitment publicly. It is the joy of taking a risk, making a leap of faith, going all the way. It is the joy of believing in someone and something above and beyond yourself. It is the joy of building something lasting and substantial.

It is the joy of having a best friend who is also your lover, and a lover who is also your best friend. It is the joy of sleeping with someone who warms your heart as well as your bed. It is the joy of making love without awkwardness, self-consciousness or shame. It is the joy of developing a private vocabulary and doing some of your best talking without words.

It is the joy of having someone real to hold when you wake up sweating during a dark night of the soul. It is the joy of having someone who truly cares, someone who will stand by you when you get sick, or falter, or fail. It is the joy of having someone you believe, and who believes in you, tell you at times that you are the best, and at other times, that you can be much better.

It is the joy of outgrowing your adolescent self-absorption and getting on with life. It is the joy of being faithful and honoring a vow. It is the joy of ennobling yourself through discipline and sacrifice. It is the joy of having a common history and mutual memories and the sense of having traveled far together. It is the joy of being a separate individual and yet also part of a whole. It is the joy of fighting and making up, of going apart and coming together again. It is the joy of learning to yield and to compromise, to care and to love. And finally, it is the joy of giving..."


What I got for $1.73!

Despite the crazy amount of work that couponing can be...today was a good reminder of WHY I spend time clipping coupons.

Between trips to CVS and Target today...I spent a whopping total of $1.73! Wanna know what I got?

1 Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick ($6.99)
2 Right Guard Total Defense Antiperspirants ($2.99 each)
2 Edge Shaving Cream ($2.79 each)
2 Tums 3 pack ($4.18)
1 Reach Dental Floss ($1.49)

I should have spent $24.22+tax...but instead I spent $1.73 AND made $12.80 in Extra Care Bucks at CVS to use towards my next purchase!

So yes...it's worth a few extra minutes of research and coupon clipping! I'm building up a nice little stockpile of beauty and personal care supplies for next to nothing!


Bon Voyage!

We are off on our cruise first thing tomorrow morning! This has been a long time coming and we can't wait to finally celebrate our anniversary in style!! The packing is done...I'm loading up my iPod with some new stuff and we're just super excited!

Here's a picture of our boat. We will think of you all as we are soaking up the Caribbean sun this week.
Bon Voyage (to us)!


Everyone loves Good News!

I hate watching the news. Really hate it. It's wayyyy too depressing and they hardly ever share any of the Good things that are happening every day. For instance...Gabe and I are leaving for a cruise in 2 days, so we decided to watch the weather channel the other day. MISTAKE. There are like a million hurricanes floating around in the Atlantic. They actually showed a clip from St. Thomas (one of our destinations) with a newscaster blowing around in the wind and rain and talking about roofs flying off and power lines being down. Talk about a big bummer.

Needless to say, we turned it off and decided that ignorance is truly bliss. They haven't cancelled our cruise so we are going...rain or shine! :)

I digress...
So I actually have some GOOD news to share...because everyone loves good news!

Gabe's job had become increasingly worse over the last few months....due to his boss not being the kindest person on the earth, constant micromanaging and sales pressure and just a lot of stuff that did not make for a happy Gabe. :( He found an opportunity to move departments within the college back in May but it has been a waiting game ever since for a position to open up and then for Gabe's position to be filled and all that jazz. We were told that September 25th would finally be THE day he could move. We were bummed to have to wait another whole month....but God had other plans (hence...the Good news!).

Last Friday, Gabe got called in by his boss and was told that would be his last day in Admissions. They decided to go ahead and move him early! Yay!!!! He has now completed a full week in his new position and he LOVES it!! Such an answer to prayer. The atmosphere is so much better, more positive and more open to suggestion and change. Gabe's schedule is much more flexible and he can be creative and get the job done at his own pace. Perfect for him. He is now a Retention Coordinator--working with students in their first six weeks to help them stay motivated and keep them coming back to school! :)

So, my friends, we are slowly becoming a normal family on a normal schedule. He works 9-6 most days, and a little later on Fridays. But still...6 PM people! This is huge for us...considering when we got married he wasn't getting home until after 10 PM. So we are truly blessed and loving life!!

Now it's off to vacation...


Time Flies when you're having FUN!

I can hardly believe that Gabe and I have been married for a YEAR already!! Craziness. We celebrated our first anniversary on Sunday, August 15th and I can truly say I love that man more than I ever have!

We didn't go too crazy on anniversary gifts because we have already booked and paid for a CRUISE to the Eastern Carribbean from September 5-12....which is in exactly 17 days, and 19 hours if you were wondering! We are SO excited!

Gabe did get me an amazing gift though...just in time for our crazy road trip weekend, he gave me an autographed copy of Bryan White's newest CD (Dustbowl Dreams...go buy it now!! its awesome!!). I had been hoping to get it for my bday/Christmas last year but no one got it for me and I guess the time has just flown by. So needless to say...I LOVED the gift! Not to mention...as sad as it was...Bryan White was actually performing in FL this weekend. In Lakeland and SEBRING of all places. Only 2 hours away!!! Sadly...I had to miss out to attend the crazy wedding weekend in Jacksonville and Sebring. Believe me...I tried everything to get out of it and go to the show instead! (haha love you Ben + Mo and Eric + Jamie!)

Anyway...I made a more sappy sentimental gift for Gabe and I on our "paper" anniversary. I'm really excited about it though! I started a new scrapbook (Entitled "Between Now and Forever" one of my fav BW songs and the one we danced to at our wedding) to document our anniversaries through the years. Basically...my plan is to keep it simple...just adding a new picture each year. We are also each going to write a letter of what we have learned during that year of marriage, major milestones, stuff like that.

I think it will be amazing for us (and someday our kids and grandkids) to look back to where it all started for Gabe and I...see how we've changed physically over the years, and also hear all that we have learned and experienced during our marriage. <3 Here's a pic of the very first page...where it all began (sorry I dont know why I cant rotate it!):

"I'd love to spend some more time together....so what are you doin between now and forever?"


Thursday is the new Friday!

For me at least!

Gabe and I both took the day off tomorrow to spend time together! Life tends to get so busy (see my previous post) it can be hard to just spend time cherishing the ones you love without feeling rushed. So this weekend I'm being selfish with my husband and we're having US time! I can't wait!

Who knows where we'll end up...on the boat somewhere tomorrow of course. :) Other than that...we've got no plans but to take time enjoying the love God has blessed us so greatly with. So...see ya next week!


BUSY life!

I really can't complain...Gabe and I are actually settled here in Ft Myers to where we actually have a life! Imagine that! :) Things have been super busy lately...but we are having a good time and taking it day by day!

Hence...my poor little blog has been neglected. I'll try to be good...but who knows when life will take off in a whirlwind again?!

So in an attempt to do a recap of the craziness...here goes!

July started out with a huuuuge party at the bank where I work. Every year for 9 years they have hosted a 4th of July cookout for the community and it was awesome! Here's a sneak peek of the crowd in line and the other amazing people I work with every day!

Next was Stephen and Kristen's wedding. A day none of us thought would ever happen lol... :) but they are perfect together and we are so so happy for them and lifetime they get to share together! Gabe was the best man and I was the wedding singer.

Check out that GoRgEoUs bride!!!

We also got to spend the weekend with all the Bedenbaughs! Daran, Becky and our nephews (and the babysitter!) stayed with us...it was so fun to spend time with them since we don't get to do that often. Of course the boys are already growing up way too fast. Ethan is almost 3 years old and Jack is 10 months!

This is Becky at the pool with Ethan (left) and Jack (right). Ethan just learned how to swim so he got quite a workout at the pool that day!

Here's all of us at the Courson wedding:

Gabe's parents also brought down their old boat for Gabe and I to keep for a few months. We are stoked because there is so much to see and do on the water around Ft Myers...so many places to explore! So the first chance we had...we took the boat for a spin!

The beautiful waters of the Gulf near Captiva Island.

El Capitano...

And then I just floated around in the pretty water :) A nice way to experience the ocean without feeling whats at your feet!!

Finally...this past weekend we took a day trip to Tampa. Gabe was going to Eric's bachelor party at Busch Gardens...so I spent the day with some sweet Phi Lamb sisters!! We had so much fun and it was so nice to be in the company of such sweet, godly women all day!

Me, Caitlin, and Nicole after a long day of shopping at the International Mall!

Me and my little sisters, Kristen and Nicole at dinner that night!

Love you girls SO much!

Anyway...life has been busy...but so so good. God has blessed us way beyond what we deserve. So in conclusion...its actually really nice to have a life! :)


I'm BaAaAck!

So I took a 3 month break from blogging. I'm still kinda new at this anyway...but life has just taken off lately and the last thing I've had time for is blogging!

Lots of amazing stuff has been happening though and I am super excited to getting back to some posting.
In short--since my last blog in March--we have: seen my cousin Katie get married (and at least 3 other couples we know have gotten married), gotten more involved in our church (and LOVE it!!!!!!), made new friends (crazy I know! people actually sort of like us!!), become the coupon King & Queen, started working out again, and the list goes on and on.

So life has been GREAT. And while I'd love to start recapping now...I've got to work out and get some dinner cooking for my man when he gets home. Soooo...see ya soon! <3


HOME at last...

On March 15, 2010, the world lost one of it's finest...but Heaven gained a precious jewel. My grandpa, Marvin Good, 91, went home to be with his heavenly Father around 3:40 PM.

God's timing couldn't have been more perfect. My family was given a week's notice, and my aunt and uncle were able to make it home from Cambodia with enough time to spend a couple final days with my Grandpa. On Saturday we shared a "Good Family Picnic" as a complete family for the last time. We set the table with white tablecloths and red plates and enjoyed our time together around the table and listened to my Grandpa pray, as he always did at family get-togethers.

Saturday night, his health began to decline quickly and we requested 24 hour care by a hospice nurse. On Sunday we shared a sweet worship service together...praying for this man who had prayed for us for so many years. On Monday afternoon, my aunt and uncle were sitting by grandpa's bedside and singing these words: "Oh Jesus, Thou hast promised to all who follow Thee, that where Thou art in glory, there shall thy servant be. And, Jesus, I have promised to serve Thee to the end; O give me grace to follow, my Master and my Friend." During that verse, he breathed his last breath and jumped into his Master's loving arms in Heaven.

It was a sad and difficult time, but we were so blessed to be able to be together as a family...to give Grandpa a complete send off to his new home. It is such a joy to KNOW that he is with Jesus forever now. I am so thankful for the hope that we have in Christ. 

We had a memorial service on Sunday, March 21, in honor of my grandpa and more importantly, in honor of his Master. It was such a sweet time...seeing pictures, hearing testimonies from SO many of the lives on which he made an impact. He was a true servant to friends and strangers alike, he loved and cherished his wife and his family, and he followed Christ with all that he was. And now I must carry on the legacy that he has left behind...so I am so thankful for such an incredible example to follow.

Love you, Grandpa.


Ready for a GOOD weekend :)

Post-marriage...there are no more "last name" jokes! How sad!! Seriously--if you can make Bedenbaugh into a funny one-liner...PLEASE let me know. I digress.

Anyway--prayers are much appreciated for my family. This past Monday, my sweet grandpa (dad's dad) was given about a week to live, according to his hospice nurse. he was diagnosed with congestive heart failure in January 2009 and has been a fighter ever since! It's hard to tell if it's really the end for him or not...but according to the nurse, it looks like the day is approaching. :(

My aunt and uncle (who live in Cambodia) came home, and praise the Lord, were able to make it in time to see him. They plan to stay home for a month. We are excited to see them...but sad for the circumstances that bring us together again.

Gabe and I made a trip to Sebring to visit on Wednesday and had a nice afternoon/evening with my grandma and grandpa. Grandpa is definitely having trouble breathing...but he's still very alert and cracking jokes like always. We were glad to see them and spend some quality time together...especially not knowing when our last chance like that will be. :/

So tomorrow morning we are heading to Sebring for a very GOOD weekend. The whole Good family will be there (all NINE of us!) and we're having a family picnic! :) I'm excited to be all together to support my grandpa and just remind him how much he is loved.

We are so sad to see his 91 years possibly coming to a close...but he has lived such an amazing life honoring the Lord. He is truly a picture of servanthood and is such a wonderful example of a godly man. Gabe and I have been so honored to follow in my grandparents footsteps and learn from them what a marriage should look like. And they should know--they've been married nearly 67 years. <3

So...I hope to post next week with good news. It could be that my grandpa is still hanging in there and making us all laugh...or it could be that he is dancing in Heaven with Jesus.
Prayers are appreciated for my family during this challenging time. Thanks in advance.


The first 6 months of Marriage...

...have been AMAZING! Blessed beyond measure is all I can say to describe this experience.

It's hard to believe 6 months has already passed...but we celebrated in style on February 15th! I was off work (thank you for Bank Holidays!) so I had all day to prepare something special for my sweetheart while he was at work.

I cleaned the house, did some grocery shopping and designed a 4-course meal for dinner. It was a challenge because I tried to pick foods I could prepare ahead of time so I wouldnt be standing at the stove cooking while he was eating appetizers. So...here's the final product! It was a big hit and Gabe was so impressed with all the work I put into making the evening special! :)

First...I got all dolled up to make the evening extra special. I knew Gabe would be coming home from work in his shirt and tie so I figured I ought to fit the part as his date. :)

Next...the table settings! I used the roses Gabe bought me for Vday (and some candlelight of course...we just left the bright lights on for the pictures!). I also pulled out our goooorgeous toasting flutes from our wedding to use for our drinks. (and just to look at them again because I LOVE them!!) This is as fancy as it gets at the Bedenbaugh house, folks!

First Course--Appetizers: Shrimp Cocktails! The perfect way to start a meal!

Second course--Salads: Caesar Salad. Always a favorite at our house.

Third Course--Entrees: Mahi Mahi (Maui Style) with Asparagus (served with balsamic butter sauce) and Garlic Mashed Potatoes. My secret to saving time here: marinate the fish in the fridge early, then bake in the oven to avoid standing over the stove. I also used *shhhh* BOXED mashed potatoes. Thank you, Betty Crocker. I thought they were delicious!! And wow...so much easier than homemade potatoes. You've gotta try this at least once just to watch the instant transformation of powder, water and milk to *BAM!* steamy garlic mashed potatoes. Incredible.

Fourth Course--Dessert: Mini Cheesecakes! This was easily the best part of dinner. My sister bought me these cute red ramekins I've been dying to use but not sure how to use them. After some research and combining a few recipes...I ended up with these yummmmmy little cheesecakes. The crust is cinnamon graham crackers and the whole thing was just to die for. Definitely making these again!

That was the end of the [very filling] meal. Success!! There's nothing like a happy [and full] husband! The stomach is definitely the way to his heart, ladies! :)


Celebrating LOVE.

Today at church, Pastor Matt spoke about LOVE. Following a comical karaoke version of "What's love got to do with it?" he shared a really great message about how Christ loved us...and we in turn should love others as we love ourselves. That's quite a commandment. Definitely challenged me to not only serve others and be kind...but to seek out what it means to really love others like I love myself. Because of the great love Christ showed us by dying in our place...that same love ought to flow out of our lives to everyone we meet. Not just the people we like, or the people that are "easy" to love...everyone.

He also shared an awesome story that brought a smile to my face. A pastor in Atlanta challenged his congregation to show love to everyone...even as a "random act of kindness" for a stranger. Later that week the pastor walked into a Starbucks and the barista stopped him and asked if he was the pastor of this particular church. She told him that earlier that morning, someone had come through the drive thru, paid for the person's coffee in the car behind them, and left this little card with the church information with the barista. When the person in the next car was told that their coffee had been paid for by the previous customer...that person paid for the coffee for the car behind them! The love started by one man continued through THIRTY cars of people who were selfless enough to do something kind for a stranger.

What an awesome reminder that there is still good in the world. There's still hope, and we can still make a difference. It starts with one. Will you be that one?

As for celebrating this "national day of Love"...my sweet husband blew my mind yet again. On Friday, Gabe got off work early and showed up at the bank where I was working in a tshirt that says "I love my wife" with a dozen roses, chocolates and a card in his hands. <3

I (naturally) turned to mush. I wish I could have taken a photo--but I didnt have a camera so I took one when I got home. Isn't he adorable??

I am just one blessed bride. Gabe loves me so selflessly...I am so undeserving.
He also surprised me later with a brand new ESV Bible with my new name printed on the cover! I have been wanting one since we got married and hadn't gotten around to it...so that was super special.

What did I do for him? Well...he's not a big cards and flowers kinda guy...so I've got something special planned for tomorrow (our 6th month of marriage!!). More to come! :)

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!


January showers bring...February Flowers!

I'm pretty sure I'm the most blessed woman in the world. Gabe is seriously the most thoughtful person I know...and I'm beyond thrilled to spend the rest of my days with him. On February 15th we will have already been married for 6 months! Time sure does fly when you're having fun.

In recent news...Gabe surprised me with flowers at work last Friday on his lunch break. :) One of the ladies in the branch added some ribbons and palm fronds and turned it into a masterpeice. I LoVe seeing my flowers at my station all day. Just reminds me how much I am loved. <3

I also found out today that Gabe was tied for 2nd in the NATION in student enrollments last week!! I'm SO proud of him. That's not half bad for a month into a new job! That's my husband.


Out with the OLD...

I've found that being a bank teller is especially rough on the shoes...standing/walking around all day can really put some strain on your feet. I knew my feet were taking a beating...but check out what I did to my shoes.

Shoes BEFORE (please notice the heel is in its normal position, allowing one to stand normally)...

Shoes AFTER 4 months of being a teller and undergoing continuous wear....

Seriously. This is what I'm walking around in today.

Guess that means its time to buy new shoes. :)


My week in a nutshell...

I picked Gabe up from the airport on Friday night! Finally we will be starting our new "normal" life together!! Since he's home I'm certainly not wasting more than 5 minutes sitting at my computer...so here's how I fared on my to do list:

*Thoroughly clean the condo...check!
*Pack up all Christmas decorations...check!
*Experiment and cook a new dish...no check here. I made soups and ate leftovers all week. It was nice to take a little break from all the cooking and cleaning required. :)
*Call Gabe....check check check!
*Finish the last 2 Twilight books...half check. I finished the 3rd book but had I started on the last one (800+ pages) there's no way I would have accomplished anything else this week. :)
*Catch up the blog with Christmas and New Years posts....check!
*Miss Gabe....BIG check!
*Complete at least one wedding scrapbook page....no check here either. I didn't feel like creating another mess to clean up lol.
*Write a letter to Sara in Madagascar...check! Just gotta put it in the mail.
*Phone dates with some girlfriends to catch up on life...sadly no check here. I called and texted...but no calls back. Do I smell funny?
*Get back to P90X and BRING IT...quasi-check. I did a little....but I just wasn't feeling so motivated this week.
*Call Gabe and tell him I miss him....again...a BIG CHECK! I missed that man like CrAzY!

So...after the first day or two when I quit mourning over missing Gabe I actually got some stuff done and the week passed much more quickly. Now he's home and I'm going to spend the rest of the evening cuddled right up next to him! See you later!


Party like it's...2010!

As hard as it may be to believe another year has passed, and as hard as it is to get used to writing 2010 on everything...here we are.

I'm SO excited about this year...for all the great things in store for us. Gabe's new job (which = totally *new* life for both of us!!), exploring Fort Myers, my cousin Katie's wedding, our first wedding anniversary...and so much more we can't even dream of yet!

During the last week of the year, Al and Teri (Gabe's parents) came down to Fort Myers to stay with us. Gabe was off work, so they all took their boat out during the week and went fishing while I went to work. Somebody's gotta bring home the bacon, right?

So here's a few pictures of their fishing adventures. [I didn't bother to take pictures while I was at work...it wasn't nearly this exciting haha]

Thankfully he didn't go through with this action.

We spent the evenings playing cards and eating dinners. I cooked a couple nights....pictured below is rocky top chicken, asparagus with a balsamic butter sauce and a fresh salad! :)

and the last evening, we went out to one of my FaVoRiTe new restaurants, the Elephant Bar. Of course we had to take a picture with the cool background...

We brought in the New Year at home, deciding to avoid the cold outside and the traffic. We had a nice view of some fireworks from our condo balcony.

And finally--this is our first picture together of the year! Bring it on 2010!!