Thursday is the new Friday!

For me at least!

Gabe and I both took the day off tomorrow to spend time together! Life tends to get so busy (see my previous post) it can be hard to just spend time cherishing the ones you love without feeling rushed. So this weekend I'm being selfish with my husband and we're having US time! I can't wait!

Who knows where we'll end up...on the boat somewhere tomorrow of course. :) Other than that...we've got no plans but to take time enjoying the love God has blessed us so greatly with. So...see ya next week!


BUSY life!

I really can't complain...Gabe and I are actually settled here in Ft Myers to where we actually have a life! Imagine that! :) Things have been super busy lately...but we are having a good time and taking it day by day!

Hence...my poor little blog has been neglected. I'll try to be good...but who knows when life will take off in a whirlwind again?!

So in an attempt to do a recap of the craziness...here goes!

July started out with a huuuuge party at the bank where I work. Every year for 9 years they have hosted a 4th of July cookout for the community and it was awesome! Here's a sneak peek of the crowd in line and the other amazing people I work with every day!

Next was Stephen and Kristen's wedding. A day none of us thought would ever happen lol... :) but they are perfect together and we are so so happy for them and lifetime they get to share together! Gabe was the best man and I was the wedding singer.

Check out that GoRgEoUs bride!!!

We also got to spend the weekend with all the Bedenbaughs! Daran, Becky and our nephews (and the babysitter!) stayed with us...it was so fun to spend time with them since we don't get to do that often. Of course the boys are already growing up way too fast. Ethan is almost 3 years old and Jack is 10 months!

This is Becky at the pool with Ethan (left) and Jack (right). Ethan just learned how to swim so he got quite a workout at the pool that day!

Here's all of us at the Courson wedding:

Gabe's parents also brought down their old boat for Gabe and I to keep for a few months. We are stoked because there is so much to see and do on the water around Ft Myers...so many places to explore! So the first chance we had...we took the boat for a spin!

The beautiful waters of the Gulf near Captiva Island.

El Capitano...

And then I just floated around in the pretty water :) A nice way to experience the ocean without feeling whats at your feet!!

Finally...this past weekend we took a day trip to Tampa. Gabe was going to Eric's bachelor party at Busch Gardens...so I spent the day with some sweet Phi Lamb sisters!! We had so much fun and it was so nice to be in the company of such sweet, godly women all day!

Me, Caitlin, and Nicole after a long day of shopping at the International Mall!

Me and my little sisters, Kristen and Nicole at dinner that night!

Love you girls SO much!

Anyway...life has been busy...but so so good. God has blessed us way beyond what we deserve. So in conclusion...its actually really nice to have a life! :)