Roses in the Drive Thru...

This is just to prove that I have the most amazing, sweet, thoughtful, WONDERFUL husband ever!

On Wednesday this week, I headed off to work around 8:15. I was busy doing my teller duties at the counter (facing AWAY from the drive thru window) and about 9:30 Gabe pulls up to the 2nd lane drive thru. I was completely oblivious to everything until I heard my coworker talking and Gabe's voice saying something about the "lovely teller in the back." I turned around and saw my sweet hubby there in his truck. I was completely surprised that he was there and just talked to him over the microphone for a minute or so. Then he told me to look in the deposit tube. He had put a single red rose into the plastic tube and sent it inside the bank!! It was SO adorable!! I was totally shocked and amazed by everything...and all the girls in the office were jealous to say the least!

One of the personal bankers is a real crafty lady...so she took the rose and added some palm leaves and a ribbon and turned it into a masterpiece!

I got to display it at my teller window and tell all my customers how sweet my husband is.
I am so blessed!! <3

P.S. Soon I'm going to start doing wedding recap posts so stay tuned!! :)


Brianna said...

Aw how sweet! I didn't know you had a blog. :) Don't ever let the newlywed lovey dovey stuff fade!! It's a beautiful thing. <3

Gabe and Staci said...

Yeah...I'm still pretty new at this, but since we moved to Ft Myers I thought it would be a good way to help keep everyone up to date on our lives!