Time Flies when you're having FUN!

I can hardly believe that Gabe and I have been married for a YEAR already!! Craziness. We celebrated our first anniversary on Sunday, August 15th and I can truly say I love that man more than I ever have!

We didn't go too crazy on anniversary gifts because we have already booked and paid for a CRUISE to the Eastern Carribbean from September 5-12....which is in exactly 17 days, and 19 hours if you were wondering! We are SO excited!

Gabe did get me an amazing gift though...just in time for our crazy road trip weekend, he gave me an autographed copy of Bryan White's newest CD (Dustbowl Dreams...go buy it now!! its awesome!!). I had been hoping to get it for my bday/Christmas last year but no one got it for me and I guess the time has just flown by. So needless to say...I LOVED the gift! Not to mention...as sad as it was...Bryan White was actually performing in FL this weekend. In Lakeland and SEBRING of all places. Only 2 hours away!!! Sadly...I had to miss out to attend the crazy wedding weekend in Jacksonville and Sebring. Believe me...I tried everything to get out of it and go to the show instead! (haha love you Ben + Mo and Eric + Jamie!)

Anyway...I made a more sappy sentimental gift for Gabe and I on our "paper" anniversary. I'm really excited about it though! I started a new scrapbook (Entitled "Between Now and Forever" one of my fav BW songs and the one we danced to at our wedding) to document our anniversaries through the years. Basically...my plan is to keep it simple...just adding a new picture each year. We are also each going to write a letter of what we have learned during that year of marriage, major milestones, stuff like that.

I think it will be amazing for us (and someday our kids and grandkids) to look back to where it all started for Gabe and I...see how we've changed physically over the years, and also hear all that we have learned and experienced during our marriage. <3 Here's a pic of the very first page...where it all began (sorry I dont know why I cant rotate it!):

"I'd love to spend some more time together....so what are you doin between now and forever?"