HOME at last...

On March 15, 2010, the world lost one of it's finest...but Heaven gained a precious jewel. My grandpa, Marvin Good, 91, went home to be with his heavenly Father around 3:40 PM.

God's timing couldn't have been more perfect. My family was given a week's notice, and my aunt and uncle were able to make it home from Cambodia with enough time to spend a couple final days with my Grandpa. On Saturday we shared a "Good Family Picnic" as a complete family for the last time. We set the table with white tablecloths and red plates and enjoyed our time together around the table and listened to my Grandpa pray, as he always did at family get-togethers.

Saturday night, his health began to decline quickly and we requested 24 hour care by a hospice nurse. On Sunday we shared a sweet worship service together...praying for this man who had prayed for us for so many years. On Monday afternoon, my aunt and uncle were sitting by grandpa's bedside and singing these words: "Oh Jesus, Thou hast promised to all who follow Thee, that where Thou art in glory, there shall thy servant be. And, Jesus, I have promised to serve Thee to the end; O give me grace to follow, my Master and my Friend." During that verse, he breathed his last breath and jumped into his Master's loving arms in Heaven.

It was a sad and difficult time, but we were so blessed to be able to be together as a family...to give Grandpa a complete send off to his new home. It is such a joy to KNOW that he is with Jesus forever now. I am so thankful for the hope that we have in Christ. 

We had a memorial service on Sunday, March 21, in honor of my grandpa and more importantly, in honor of his Master. It was such a sweet time...seeing pictures, hearing testimonies from SO many of the lives on which he made an impact. He was a true servant to friends and strangers alike, he loved and cherished his wife and his family, and he followed Christ with all that he was. And now I must carry on the legacy that he has left behind...so I am so thankful for such an incredible example to follow.

Love you, Grandpa.


Ready for a GOOD weekend :)

Post-marriage...there are no more "last name" jokes! How sad!! Seriously--if you can make Bedenbaugh into a funny one-liner...PLEASE let me know. I digress.

Anyway--prayers are much appreciated for my family. This past Monday, my sweet grandpa (dad's dad) was given about a week to live, according to his hospice nurse. he was diagnosed with congestive heart failure in January 2009 and has been a fighter ever since! It's hard to tell if it's really the end for him or not...but according to the nurse, it looks like the day is approaching. :(

My aunt and uncle (who live in Cambodia) came home, and praise the Lord, were able to make it in time to see him. They plan to stay home for a month. We are excited to see them...but sad for the circumstances that bring us together again.

Gabe and I made a trip to Sebring to visit on Wednesday and had a nice afternoon/evening with my grandma and grandpa. Grandpa is definitely having trouble breathing...but he's still very alert and cracking jokes like always. We were glad to see them and spend some quality time together...especially not knowing when our last chance like that will be. :/

So tomorrow morning we are heading to Sebring for a very GOOD weekend. The whole Good family will be there (all NINE of us!) and we're having a family picnic! :) I'm excited to be all together to support my grandpa and just remind him how much he is loved.

We are so sad to see his 91 years possibly coming to a close...but he has lived such an amazing life honoring the Lord. He is truly a picture of servanthood and is such a wonderful example of a godly man. Gabe and I have been so honored to follow in my grandparents footsteps and learn from them what a marriage should look like. And they should know--they've been married nearly 67 years. <3

So...I hope to post next week with good news. It could be that my grandpa is still hanging in there and making us all laugh...or it could be that he is dancing in Heaven with Jesus.
Prayers are appreciated for my family during this challenging time. Thanks in advance.