The first day of the rest of our lives: Getting Ready--the guys

This post will be much shorter. The guys didn't have to arrive until 11 AM (the girls got started at 830 AM!) and they dont primp quite as much as we do. :) I do have lots of pictures of my handsome groom though.

First things first. The FOOD.

Then it was Gabe's turn to get ready for our "first look" and professional portraits.

My handsome groom getting ready...

Of course we can't forget the groomsmen.

Here's the story. As you probably know....I'm a very...organized person to say the least. So before the wedding, I sent all members of the wedding party and ceremony rather detailed lists of what to bring, what to do, when to be where, etc. Unfortunately, I left out one *small* detail on the groomsmen's list: PANTS. They all took note of this and decided not to wear pants when I saw them for the first time before our wedding party photos. Needless to say...I've learned my lesson and I definitely won't make that mistake again. :)

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