We have a new nephew!

Jack Lucas Bedenbaugh.
Born September 24, 2009 at 3:13 AM.
7 lbs 4 oz. 20 inches.


So here's the story. Gabe and I were worried we weren't going to be able to meet little Jack, due to Gabe's abnormal work schedule. This week Gabe had Wednesday and Thursday off...random as usual. However...on Wednesday at noon we got a phone call saying Jack was on his way!!

God really worked out our schedule perfectly. We left immediately and got to Gainesville by about 5 PM. After a looong day/night...Jack was born at 3:13 AM! We met him around 5 AM and he is just perfect. Mom and baby are both very healthy and doing great. :)

We went back to Lake City to sleep (at 6:30 AM...whats wrong with this picture?). We got up after a nice 4 hour nap and headed back to the hospital. Jack got to meet his big brother Ethan and we visited for a bit before saying goodbye to head back to Ft Myers.
In even crazier news...our good friends Erin + Christian were also pregnant the same time as Becky...actually due a week ago. I texted her that morning when we were heading up to Gainesville to wait for Jack and told her she needed to hurry it along so we could meet her little one too. Turns out her water broke that afternoon and we got to see them at the hospital that evening too! They ended up in the room right next door to Becky + Daran. Sadly...we had to leave for Fort Myers before she gave birth to a precious boy. We heard it happened about 11 PM...so it was a good thing we didnt wait around I guess.

Anyway...the world has two sweet additions as of September 24.

So glad we could be a part of it!


Ficus Frenzy

We bought a ficus tree.

It was really random...but since we've been trying to be thrifty in the process of decorating our condo (and we aren't allowed to paint walls)...we've been trying to think of different ways to decorate. Then it came to me: a fake tree!

There aren't too many choices in the way of fake trees...but we finally found one at Walmart. So...after the ordeal we went through to get it off the very top shelf...we had a few other things to purchase before we left. We obviously didn't think this through, because that left Gabe hauling a 6 foot ficus through the aisles of Walmart. I was just dying laughing because that's something you don't see everyday...a man with a ficus in the bread aisle at the grocery store. :)

Needless to say...it was quite an adventure. After we checked out, Gabe wanted to ask a quick question about his watch at the jewelry counter, so he left me by the door with the tree. I decided rather than stand there with a ficus that I'd take it to the car.
As soon as I stepped out into the parking lot with my oversized fake tree...I realized I had no idea where we parked. So I began wandering around the parking lot. Just me and my ficus. I wished Gabe was there to watch because I must have looked ridiculous. Too bad I couldnt take pictures of myself to document this craziness...but for now...here's our tree in the dining room.

$20 = Success! Still LOTS of work to do...


Note to self:

If you aren't feeling well...don't try something new in the kitchen. Oh...and don't try to make homemade pizza and breadsticks without a rolling pin.

I'll store those memos away for next time.

It wasn't a complete disaster...but lets just say...I'll be sticking with $5 Hot-N-Ready pizzas from Little Ceasars around the corner. It's well worth the investment. :)


One month as Mr. and Mrs.

Today is our first month-iversary as husband and wife! In some ways it seems like we've been married forever...in other ways the time has just flown by. God has been SO good to us during this first month though.

We are all settled in our home in Ft. Myers. Gabe has a job and I've had a couple interviews. We aren't struggling financially...just living within our means. All the meals I've cooked have been successful! :) We're still searching for a church and to develop relationships here, but meanwhile we are growing closer to each other and to our Lord. Quiet times together is one of my favorite things about being married. There's nothing like sharing that type of intimacy with the one you love.

So yeah...we don't have anything to complain about at all. We love being Mr. + Mrs. and are so thankful to everyone who has impacted our lives and helped form us into two imperfect people that are perfect for each other.


Our first visitor...

Kimberly came down to visit for Labor Day weekend! :) Yay for having our first visitor. She tested out the guest room....and after approval...we have decided that it's all ready for another guest to come!! :)

It was so nice to have someone around for the weekend. Gabe had to work (as usual) so having Kim around definitely made the days a little more interesting for me. :) On Saturday we wandered around Ft Myers for a little while then ordered pizza and watched the GaToR game (Go GATORS!). I tried my hand at Grandma's chocolate chip cookies for the first time in my new place. They turned out pretty good, thanks to Kim's help with the flour sifting! I think Grandma would be proud!

The next day Gabe had to be at work early...so Kim and I headed out to Sanibel/Captiva Island for some sightseeing and beach fun! Back at home we cleaned up and made some yummy shrimp pasta and fruity salad for dinner. It wasn't the prettiest dish ever...but all 3 plates were cleaned...so I guess it wasn't too bad! ;)

On Monday we slept in and headed up to Sebring to visit with Grandma and Grandpa. I think we were a lucky charm...because shortly after we arrived, they discharged him from his stay at the hospital. He is doing better now, so thanks to those who were praying! Kim & I followed them back to their house and helped them get settled at home again. It's always nice to be at Grandma & Grandpa's house! :) After resting for a bit...it was time to part ways. Definitely a crazy experience- because for the first time, Kim & I were leaving their house in seperate cars and going different directions. I headed back home to Ft. Myers and Kim headed back to Orange Park.

I guess that means we're all grown up.

Anyway...it was a wonderful weekend...so nice to visit with family for the first time in a few weeks! Love you all and miss you!


Master Chef in Training

Since I'm still on the job hunt...I've had lots of time at home to get everything together and to work on my cooking! I'm not a pro by any means...but I've gotta say...dinner last night was SO good! And I had a happy husband with an empty plate- so that's a good sign too!

Yum! We had Pecan-Maple Chicken (courtesy of Betty Crocker cookbook Bridal Edition-thanks Ashley!) with rice pilaf and seasoned broccoli. Mmm Mmm gooood!