I just wanted to take a quick break from the recaps to write about THE DRESS!
I got my dress from Park Avenue Bridal (Thanks Natalie!)

My dress was made by Maggie Sottero...the fabulous Monalisa Royale!

It wasn't the first dress I tried on...I didn't know it was "the one" right away...but it was definitely something special. I had narrowed the search down to 2, but every time I thought about it, I just knew this was the one! I had tried on LOTS of dresses, but this one really made me feel like a princess.

Here's me at the store when I finally got to try it on in MY size!

And here are the pictures our photographers took on the wedding day...

Although it really "took my breath away" with that corset back...it fit me like a glove and I have never felt more beautiful! :)

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