*Merry Christmas!*

We are celebrating our *first* Christmas together and are so excited! We're leaving tomorrow to head to Jacksonville and Lake City to spend Christmas with our families! Gabe is going to get his first pair of matching PJs, so I definitely can't wait for that. John was our guinea pig last year and now it's Gabe's turn!

More news and pictures to come when we get back. We love you all and hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year!! :)

Here's a sneak peek of our tree! yay!

And of course our Christmas card, self timer photo:


Normal life...here we come!!!

Sorry I disappeared for a while...but so much has been happening I wouldn't even know how to catch up! We've been getting ready for Christmas here in sunny Southwest Florida...but we have BIG news to share!

Gabe got a new job!!! YAY!! Starting in January, he will be the Admissions Coordinator for the Heritage Institute, a local college in Fort Myers. He'll be helping and recruiting students for their specialized programs and we think it will be a great fit for him! There are also lots of other campuses around the country (including Jacksonville if we move back up to North Florida)!

The even BeTtEr news is that he doesn't have to work weekends anymore and most days he'll be home before 7. If you haven't ever worked retail hours...you may not realize just how excited we are about this. Gabe has been working 9 AM to 10 PM since we got married and we have hardly seen each other it seems. Now that's all about to change. We get to be "normal" newlyweds!! We get to eat dinner BEFORE 10 PM, spend time together in the evenings, sleep in on Saturdays, visit things in Ft Myers, visit small groups with churches and hopefully pick a church home...the list goes on and on!

So...needless to say...this is a HUGE blessing and we are so so thankful for all the prayers that have gotten us here. God has been so good in providing for us during these first 4 months of our marriage and this is just another example of His awesome provision.

Gabe is finishing his last week at Mattress Firm until Dec. 23rd...then he gets a 2 week break before a training trip to Denver in January! We're so excited for all this lies ahead in 2010!