Celebrating LOVE.

Today at church, Pastor Matt spoke about LOVE. Following a comical karaoke version of "What's love got to do with it?" he shared a really great message about how Christ loved us...and we in turn should love others as we love ourselves. That's quite a commandment. Definitely challenged me to not only serve others and be kind...but to seek out what it means to really love others like I love myself. Because of the great love Christ showed us by dying in our place...that same love ought to flow out of our lives to everyone we meet. Not just the people we like, or the people that are "easy" to love...everyone.

He also shared an awesome story that brought a smile to my face. A pastor in Atlanta challenged his congregation to show love to everyone...even as a "random act of kindness" for a stranger. Later that week the pastor walked into a Starbucks and the barista stopped him and asked if he was the pastor of this particular church. She told him that earlier that morning, someone had come through the drive thru, paid for the person's coffee in the car behind them, and left this little card with the church information with the barista. When the person in the next car was told that their coffee had been paid for by the previous customer...that person paid for the coffee for the car behind them! The love started by one man continued through THIRTY cars of people who were selfless enough to do something kind for a stranger.

What an awesome reminder that there is still good in the world. There's still hope, and we can still make a difference. It starts with one. Will you be that one?

As for celebrating this "national day of Love"...my sweet husband blew my mind yet again. On Friday, Gabe got off work early and showed up at the bank where I was working in a tshirt that says "I love my wife" with a dozen roses, chocolates and a card in his hands. <3

I (naturally) turned to mush. I wish I could have taken a photo--but I didnt have a camera so I took one when I got home. Isn't he adorable??

I am just one blessed bride. Gabe loves me so selflessly...I am so undeserving.
He also surprised me later with a brand new ESV Bible with my new name printed on the cover! I have been wanting one since we got married and hadn't gotten around to it...so that was super special.

What did I do for him? Well...he's not a big cards and flowers kinda guy...so I've got something special planned for tomorrow (our 6th month of marriage!!). More to come! :)

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!

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