My week in a nutshell...

I picked Gabe up from the airport on Friday night! Finally we will be starting our new "normal" life together!! Since he's home I'm certainly not wasting more than 5 minutes sitting at my computer...so here's how I fared on my to do list:

*Thoroughly clean the condo...check!
*Pack up all Christmas decorations...check!
*Experiment and cook a new dish...no check here. I made soups and ate leftovers all week. It was nice to take a little break from all the cooking and cleaning required. :)
*Call Gabe....check check check!
*Finish the last 2 Twilight books...half check. I finished the 3rd book but had I started on the last one (800+ pages) there's no way I would have accomplished anything else this week. :)
*Catch up the blog with Christmas and New Years posts....check!
*Miss Gabe....BIG check!
*Complete at least one wedding scrapbook page....no check here either. I didn't feel like creating another mess to clean up lol.
*Write a letter to Sara in Madagascar...check! Just gotta put it in the mail.
*Phone dates with some girlfriends to catch up on life...sadly no check here. I called and texted...but no calls back. Do I smell funny?
*Get back to P90X and BRING IT...quasi-check. I did a little....but I just wasn't feeling so motivated this week.
*Call Gabe and tell him I miss him....again...a BIG CHECK! I missed that man like CrAzY!

So...after the first day or two when I quit mourning over missing Gabe I actually got some stuff done and the week passed much more quickly. Now he's home and I'm going to spend the rest of the evening cuddled right up next to him! See you later!


mikdoog said...

Yes, you smell funny.

Gabe and Staci said...

thanks sister. Do you have a blog now?