The first day of the rest of our lives: The First Look

Yes. We saw each other before the wedding ceremony. Gabe wasn't thrilled with the idea...but I had to use my bride veto power to get the job done here. I had debated whether or not to do this for a while, because it's not "traditional" and some people believe it ruins the "moment"...but I am SO glad we did this!!

In my opinion...it goes like this.

You get "the moment" of seeing my groom for the first time in front of everyone like tradition says it should be done.
You are nervous as all get out because everything you've waited for is happening all at once. You can't take everything in at once because for a split second you see all the guests, the decorations, the groom, the wedding party, and somehow you're supposed to remember everything.
You cry like a baby and smear makeup all over your face just in time for the pictures you've waited for your whole life.
You see your groom, but you only get to touch his forearm. You can't hug, you can't kiss, and heaven knows you can't TALK to eachother unless your saying "I Do."
Afterwards you rush to take pictures of everybody on the stage (which always takes forever and leaves guests waiting at the reception) and you hardly get a chance to spend more time on special portraits of yourself and your bridal party.

I wasn't nearly as nervous as I would have been, and I got to enjoy my walk down the aisle...glancing at all my friends and family, while beaming at my groom who was waiting for me.
I got to check out the church before the wedding, making sure everything was like we planned. I also got to see my whole wedding party together and really take everything in and treasure it.
 I got *most* all of my tears out BEFORE the ceremony, allowing for plenty of time for makeup touch up before the pictures would be taken.
I got to actually talk to my groom before the ceremony. We had a few moments to ourselves to talk, to touch, to kiss, just to look at each other for goodness sake.
And....we had plenty of time for PICTURES! Photography was the one thing I was most excited about, and I wanted to make sure our photographers had enough time to do their job and do it well! And they definitely did that!

So...what do you think? Stick with tradition? Make it your own? I know what my preference is for sure!

Here's a few pictures of our "first look!"

I was a total basketcase!!

Sneaking up on my groom!

After the photographers took some pictures and video from inside the church...they all stepped out to give us a few minutes alone. However--i love this spy cam picture from the back of the church!

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