I'm a proud wifey!

I'm a few days late in posting this...but I want the world to know that after only 2 months of working down here...my amazing husband got a Promotion!! :) He's been doing really great, and has been promoted as the Assistant Manager of the Mattress Firm location in Naples. That's easily the best store in the area...so its a great privilege that Gabe gets to work there! I'm SO proud of him!

I went to visit the store today and take Gabe some lunch...and WOW. It is crazy! It's easily 3-4x the size of a normal Mattress Firm. They have a Tempurpedic experience that is just like a bedroom and you can watch a video and the bed moves on a power base to go along with the video and show you how everything works. They even have a relaxing area where they serve Starbucks coffee and you can chill and think over everything you've seen to make a decision! It's definitely top of the line!

Unfortunately, with the location comes distance. He now has a 45 minute drive both directions, making his working hours basically 9 AM to 10 PM. I usually leave for work around 7:45 AM...so that doesn't leave many hours in the day for us to see each other. Not to mention we have to eat dinner super late at night. :(

So...that's not exactly a dream schedule...but we're gonna do what we gotta do and make it work. Either way...I'm super proud of Gabe and know he deserves this opportunity!

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