You are now entering...the Twilight Zone

Ok...so I admit. I'm hooked on the Twilight books. I just finished a 600+ page book (Eclipse) in 2 days. Thank you Stephanie Meyer.

So much for my fancy to do list...that's all I've been accomplishing lately since I've been in the Twilight Zone. I put this off for a long time because I couldn't fathom actually being interested in fiction books about vampires and werewolves...but I must say I'm glad this one sucked me in. Meyer is an excellent author and really knows how to keep the reader's interest. It's nearly impossible to put these books down.

On that note...I've decided not to start reading the final book in the series until later this week. I need a life back for at least a day so I can tackle some other things on my ever growing LiSt.

It's been nice to escape the fact that my hubby is not coming home every night this week by delving into a good book--but alas--productivity awaits.

In other news...(before I started reading Eclipse) I finished up one of the best books I've ever read-- "Redeeming Love" by Francine Rivers. It is a retelling of the book of Hosea...the story of a man who rescues and marries a prostitute and loves her with a truly unconditional love despite her resistance. It was so incredible to read about the lifestyle of such a woman, and to understand better the torments that so many must experience. The woman in the book never had a man show her love that wasn't purely selfish and empty, never knew what it was like to truly be served by another person, never knew how to give real love in return without fear of the consequences. It was truly heartbreaking.
But of course...the beauty comes with the way this man fights for her, brings her back when she runs away, the way he loves her and shows her Jesus...until she finally begins to understand. Of course it is not until she encounters the Lord that she can fully know the depths of love--but what a beautiful image it is when she meets the real Lover of her Soul.
It definitely gave me something to meditate on this week. How often do we forget how wide, how deep is the love of Jesus? WE are the wretched sinners: constantly pushing Him away, fighting for the only sinful way we know to live, refusing to listen and giving in to our own weaknesses. Yet, he LOVES us. He PURSUES us. We just need to stop and take it all in sometimes. What great mercy we have received.

Until next time...

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