Home Alone: Fort Myers

No boobie traps or schemes to kill stupid burglars here...just me alone in Fort Myers for a whole WEEK! I took Gabe to the airport today and sent him off to Denver, Colorado for a week of training for his new job. It's awesome because it signifies our new beginning and gives me hope for all the evenings and weekends we will get to spend together...but unfortunately it means I have sleep alone for a week. Bummer. And its the coldest it's ever been in Fort Myers this week too.
At least I have my new Gator Snuggie to keep me warm.

Gabe's gonna be freezing in Colorado too...the low is 9 degrees on Wednesday. He'll probably be experiencing snow for the first time this week and I'm bummed I can't be there with him. We did get him outfitted for the cold weather. Jacket, scarf, gloves...

That is how you wear a scarf right? Okay...take two.

And you can't forget the long johns!

I suggested he leave them hanging out like that. I think his new employer would be very impressed to say the least.

Anyway. So...he's on a plane and I'm here holding down the home front. So I don't lose my mind...here's my "to do" list for the week. I'll write again when Gabe get's back and we'll see how I did. :)

In no particular order:

*Thoroughly clean the condo
*Pack up all Christmas decorations
*Experiment and cook a new dish
*Call Gabe
*Finish the last 2 Twilight books (I'm hooked so this one should be easy to do!)
*Catch up the blog with Christmas and New Years posts
*Miss Gabe
*Complete at least one wedding scrapbook page (I've only done my bridal showers and honeymoon...eek. lots to do there)
*Write a letter to Sara in Madagascar.
*Phone dates with some girlfriends to catch up on life!
*Get back to P90X and BRING IT! Only 5 weeks left!
*Call Gabe and tell him I miss him.

I think that's all for now. I don't want to get too ambitious here. So...here I go...

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