Celine says it best...

"All byyyy myyyysellllllf. Don't wanna be all by myyyyyself anymore..."

As you know...Gabe is in Denver this week...and I am in Fort Myers. And it is killing me. I thought it would be okay because I've been used to him not getting home until 10 PM every night, but I think that these days, when it hits 10 PM and I know he's not going to be walking through the door any time soon...it just breaks my heart. I really never dreamed it would be so difficult. I mean...we did long distance for the last 3 summers and various other vacations and mission trips without even talking to each other. But this is down right hard.

I guess it's because of the "oneness" that comes with marriage...it's different. Now when he's away...I truly am missing part of myself. It's so interesting to see how our relationship has changed over the years!

I'm doing alright though. Thank goodness I'm a pretty independant woman or I'd be a real basketcase. I've had work and dentist appointments and other chores and stuff to fill my time, but I can not WAIT for my man to be back home on Friday!!

So that's my pity party for the day.

Man...I can't end a post feeling sorry for myself.
On that note--I have been so so blessed and have so much to be thankful for. The sweetest man in the world is MINE and he IS coming back on Friday. After that...we are going to have every evening and weekend and holiday to be together. It's seriously like a dream come true...I can't even imagine what that kind of married life is like! But I'm excited!
I have so many sweet friends and precious family who have been praying for me and chatting with me on the phone to help me avoid loneliness.
I have a roof over my head and *heater* to keep me warm during this coldest week ever in Fort Myers.
And of course I have a loving Father in Heaven pursuing me with his unconditional, unending love. It doesn't get any better than that folks.

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