Our first Christmas as *Mr. and Mrs.*

Gabe's coming home tonight...so I've gotta do this blog post to check it off my To Do list before he arrives!! :)

Christmas 2009 was a wonderful, relaxing holiday, despite all the traveling we did. I was able to get off work on Christmas Eve, which helped us get up to Jax a little earlier than we would have otherwise. It was the first time we'd been in Orange Park since September...so it was nice to be home. Well...we thought it was nice...until we hit traffic getting onto Blanding Blvd. Then we didn't miss it so much haha.

Anyway...we went to the Christmas Eve service with the family, then headed back to our house for the Good/Williams/Burns/Bedenbaugh Christmas celebration! We had (wayyy too much) yummy food and then exchanged gifts. The boys did their usual "buy-each-other-the-same-gift-on-purpose-and-act-surprised" deal. Katie got me a sweet lunch bag for work and a really neat photo frame to match our living room! :)

Here's a few pictures of the evening...

Mr. and Mrs. Bedenbaugh <3

The Goods and Bedenbaughs (please note Buffy's super stylish hoodie)

Cousin lovin...

Then it was PAJAMA TIME! I've been waiting for Gabe to experience the matching PJs for a long time and the day finally arrived. This year's style were "Pajama Grams" in their cute lil packages.

The boys were "fatigued" and very...manly...in their green PJs.

And here's everybody...gotta love it!

After Christmas morning at the Good house...we headed out to Lake City for the Tuggle/Bedenbaugh Christmas! We spent some time out in the field (where Gabe and I got engaged) shooting skeet and just hanging out. Here's me and my new sister...she's kinda crazy. lol. But so am I...so its great! :)

Uncle Gabe playing with Ethan! :)

And of course our newest nephew...Jack Lucas.

We spent the rest of the weekend at the Bedenbaugh house...just hanging out, watching movies, (and reading Twilight...shhh). Then it was back to Fort Myers on Sunday after a nice service at Abundant Grace.

So...we had a very wonderful Christmas. Got some great gifts (we both got diploma frames...pics to come...and I got a new computer! yay!) and lots of great fellowship with our friends and family. We are SO blessed to have doubled our families this year, we couldn't ask for more!

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