Our first visitor...

Kimberly came down to visit for Labor Day weekend! :) Yay for having our first visitor. She tested out the guest room....and after approval...we have decided that it's all ready for another guest to come!! :)

It was so nice to have someone around for the weekend. Gabe had to work (as usual) so having Kim around definitely made the days a little more interesting for me. :) On Saturday we wandered around Ft Myers for a little while then ordered pizza and watched the GaToR game (Go GATORS!). I tried my hand at Grandma's chocolate chip cookies for the first time in my new place. They turned out pretty good, thanks to Kim's help with the flour sifting! I think Grandma would be proud!

The next day Gabe had to be at work early...so Kim and I headed out to Sanibel/Captiva Island for some sightseeing and beach fun! Back at home we cleaned up and made some yummy shrimp pasta and fruity salad for dinner. It wasn't the prettiest dish ever...but all 3 plates were cleaned...so I guess it wasn't too bad! ;)

On Monday we slept in and headed up to Sebring to visit with Grandma and Grandpa. I think we were a lucky charm...because shortly after we arrived, they discharged him from his stay at the hospital. He is doing better now, so thanks to those who were praying! Kim & I followed them back to their house and helped them get settled at home again. It's always nice to be at Grandma & Grandpa's house! :) After resting for a bit...it was time to part ways. Definitely a crazy experience- because for the first time, Kim & I were leaving their house in seperate cars and going different directions. I headed back home to Ft. Myers and Kim headed back to Orange Park.

I guess that means we're all grown up.

Anyway...it was a wonderful weekend...so nice to visit with family for the first time in a few weeks! Love you all and miss you!

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