Ficus Frenzy

We bought a ficus tree.

It was really random...but since we've been trying to be thrifty in the process of decorating our condo (and we aren't allowed to paint walls)...we've been trying to think of different ways to decorate. Then it came to me: a fake tree!

There aren't too many choices in the way of fake trees...but we finally found one at Walmart. So...after the ordeal we went through to get it off the very top shelf...we had a few other things to purchase before we left. We obviously didn't think this through, because that left Gabe hauling a 6 foot ficus through the aisles of Walmart. I was just dying laughing because that's something you don't see everyday...a man with a ficus in the bread aisle at the grocery store. :)

Needless to say...it was quite an adventure. After we checked out, Gabe wanted to ask a quick question about his watch at the jewelry counter, so he left me by the door with the tree. I decided rather than stand there with a ficus that I'd take it to the car.
As soon as I stepped out into the parking lot with my oversized fake tree...I realized I had no idea where we parked. So I began wandering around the parking lot. Just me and my ficus. I wished Gabe was there to watch because I must have looked ridiculous. Too bad I couldnt take pictures of myself to document this craziness...but for now...here's our tree in the dining room.

$20 = Success! Still LOTS of work to do...

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Sara T. said...

Can I please just say that I love you and can picture every moment of your walmart ficus fiasco. Hilarious!